Nothing's Changed EP

by Rough Hands

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released May 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Rough Hands London, UK


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Track Name: Mind In Pieces
Silent screams in a loud world
Aspirations worth more pearls
The darker I fall the more it thrives
Desperation will take its time
Concrete freezes till the dead of night
I see thoughts alone as I make the fight
Reason come reality as it sink too deep
The task in front becoming way too steep

Suffocation ultimatum
Moral thoughts causing devastation
Never ending grief under silver clouds
The fallen man stands over no mans land
Fake feelings leaking away
Under the hold that I hope will soon fade
Positivity sink in permanently
Broken promises fractures solidness

To extinguish
Then accomplish
It’s not selfish to be productive
In hindsight this is my objective

The dust settles
So does my mind
When it gets kicked up
At least I tried

Mind in pieces, I’ve retreated
Concrete freezes, I’m Completed
Track Name: Nothing's Changed
I'm getting by, but I need to change
The life ahead doesn't play any games
Nothing's changed to this day, I hope it stays the same
But I can't trust myself to stay this way

Crossed minds living by to get what they need
To pick themselves up And move on with the breeze
Been about a few years and watched it all go by
White lies / paranoid minds think alike

Paranoia is seeping through

I've been lent on before, but won't be lent on again
I knew from the start that this led to dead ends
Counting the hours, not seeing the weeks
This overwhelming speed
Is all I can see
Track Name: Selfish Misery
You’re always late
To the line
Ive turned my back on this one last time
From everyone, from everything
My hands are shaking through my skin
My life was better read than lived
And so I walk alone in the valley of sin
One day I’ll forgive you for what you head done
But why hide when you can turn, and run

Selfish Misery
Combined to create all this reflectivity
I know by Wednesday this will not be me
Trying to fight it but it eats internally
A state of flux towards a
Selfish Misery
Combined to create all this reflectivity
I know by Wednesday this will not be me
Trying to fight it but it eats internally
A state of flux towards a selfish misery

This war inside my head
No sleep
Just thoughts of dread

If my mind changed
From this self destructive state that it hollows in
The daunting facts of this life lay in front of me
A barrier to defeat or left to be
Taking things as they come
Or settle down in this dump
This whole thing would be better read than lived
My minds the one who decides who wins

Born to sacrifice lead astray by my own vice
Fear walks right beside, substitute what isn’t right
Track Name: Conscientia
Endless footsteps under night skies
Put the thoughts strongly in my head
Being told what’s right or wrong
These ideas don’t make me fond

Waking the silence
To figure my conscience
When mornings falling
Fears to be calling

But when I stop to look at everyone else
People giving their lives to be put on a shelf.
Exploited, never given choices
Kept quiet, always in silence

Drown out the feelings
To centre my focus
Unwilling I may be
Paid I will see

I pray to never be close to getting my needs from everyone around me
This is what I mean by hell subtly.
But the facts already had hold of me
The perspective of pleasure
Will be endeavoured
Finding true self will not be far
but if it doesn’t go right I’ll be heading down the wrong chance

Take the structure that’s under
Hear the clouds full of thunder
Constantly masked by the face of sanity
Is this what I will achieve